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What are your shipping rates?

Where do your ship from?

How long before my order ships?

Damaged or Lost Shipments

What about lost shipments?

What shipping carrier is used?

I live in the United States (USA), will you ship to me?

Do you ship to the USA?

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

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General questions

Who is Forever Fused?

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do you have a catalog?

How soon do I have to start making my memorial keepsake?

Cremation Ash

How much cremation remains are required for an order?

What if I am unfortable with collecting the ashes?

What quantity of ashes do I need for two products ordered?

How do I send the collected ashes to yo?

How do the ashes appear in the glass?

What type of ashes do you accept?

What do you do with any left over ash?

What is in the kit?

Can I combine ash from more than one individual?

Product Questions

Can you create from pet ashes?

Who makes the art pieces?

Do you offer different color options?

Variations in Forever Fused Remembrances

What measures are taken to be sure I receive correct ashes in my piece?

What kind of glass do you use, can it break?

Can you use hair or bone instead of ashes?

How do I care for my memorial jewelry?

how to care for your glass art

is your jewelry waterproof?

Do the keepsake pendants come with chains?

What are my color options for the crystal glass cremation jewelry?

What is the value of my cremation keepsake?

Can you put hair/bone/teeth/etc. into glass cremation jewelry?

How do you make the memorials?

Will you customize a product?

How will my memorial keepsake be packaged?

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What payments do you accept?

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Do you store my credit card information on your server?

What currency is used on the site?

How do I enter a promo code?

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