Review of Daniel Chornopski Law Manitoba

Review of Daniel Chornopski Law Manitoba
If you require a lawyer to respond sooner than 6-8 weeks to yourself, or the councel's opposition, than I do not recommend  Daniel Chornopyski Law. He will take on your case and then not return calls or messages for weeks going on several months. he will not be preapred for any hearing or otherwise, and will tell you to go ahead on your own Don't worry, he will not forget to bill you however.
He eagerly took on my case, then completely ignored all repeated correspondence requests from myself, counsel for the opposition  and the  Manitoba Labour Board. Repeated emails and phone calls/messages were sent over several months, only to be never returned.
I finally heard from him the day before the hearing.
To get the remainder of my retainer was another ordeal. Once again I had to send several emails and phones messages, and waited weeks for a response.
How someone can operate a Law practice like Daniel (Chornopyski  Law - Morris, Manitoba) does is beyond my comprehension.
My only hope is to warn others seeking to retain him so they do not have to go through what I had and waste valuable time and money.