Memory Keepsake Vortex Orb- Blue Or Aqua

This Unique Remembrance paperweight  forever fused with the ashes of your loved one.

This beautiful  glass orb with colours of the blue spectrum is  infused with cremation ash is a lovely way to celebrate the life of someone close to you.  A thick band of blue glass glass spins up from the bottom to the top of this orb.    Place outside as garden art or inside a home decor accent piece.  Has a flat spot on the bottom so it won't roll.  

  • Dimensions- Approx. H 3" x W 2.5"
  • Flat bottom
  • Hand crafted in British Columbia Canada



Custom crafted with love in Canada.

After you order, a collection  kit will be mailed and  will include: a small tin with a lid, a disposable spoon, instruction sheet and an addressed envelope to the artists making the piece you selected. You may receive multiple kits if you have ordered from more than one artist.

These custom keepsakes will be completed within 2-4 weeks after you mail in your cremated ashes.

Your order will include a Certificate of Authenticty.

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